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Get the ultimate DIY bundle! 76 ebooks for only $34!

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Hey lovelies, I just wanted to share with you quickly about an amazing deal on DIY ebooks! 

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The books range from everything from photography, photo editing, home/decor, design, decorating, crafts, sewing, gardening, and more! Not only do you get ALL 76 of these books, you also get some FREE e-courses and some more DIY bonuses! 

It's a package worth $1200 and it will only cost you $34!! For all of it!

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Happy DIY- ing!!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Taking Typing to a Whole New Level on your iPad: SleeKeys Keyboard and Case Review + GIVEAWAY

I've been wanting a keyboard to go with my iPad forever! After all, being a blogger, It would be nice to type out a blog post from my iPad when an idea comes to me, while lounging around the house, rather than having to take the time to pull out my computer, plug it in, wait for it to load, wait, wait, wait some more, because you know, it's a computer. They take forever!

ENTER TO WIN a Keyboard and iPad Case for yourself below! 

I think most of us are in love with our tablets simply because of the ease and how quick you can pull up something on it. You can pull it out, look something up with in seconds, and not have to wait for the horribly long load time of your computer or laptop. It makes sense, that adding a keyboard to an iPad, well at least an actual keyboard you can actually type much faster on, would be a hit among a lot of us tablet lovers. Especially anyone who writes.

I often get ideas while watching TV in the evening and rather than go to the trouble to break out my laptop or get off the couch and go sit at my desktop, I write a note down in my iPhone and hope i remember it tomorrow. Luckily now thanks to SleeKeys keyboard and case for iPad Air, I can quickly type out that blog post when the idea comes to me, rather than waiting until tomorrow when it's likely I will have forgotten most of it. And there is just no way I'm going to deal with the nonsense of trying to type out a whole blog post from the built in keyboard on my iPad. That is just way too frustrating!

When My Sleekeys from SleekTech Keyboard and Case arrived, I opened it right up. What I loved right away is that there is no assembly required! Just put your iPad air in the case, in the handy little holder that will keep it in place, and that's it! Flip the keys over onto your iPad and begin typing!

The keyboard is a perfect fit to the iPad and it has a magnetic strip so that it stays in place so you don't have any sliding around while trying to type. You can also adjust the case to two different standing positions if you would rather type that way. Otherwise you can lay it down flat in your lap and type.

I love that this keyboard requires no electricity, no wires, and no assembly at all. It also automatically shuts off with your iPad too. The keyboard is also full-size, making it much easier to type, because that is what you're naturally use to!

I'm typing this on my iPad keyboard right now.  This works so much better than typing it out on my iPad's keyboard, but will certainly take a little getting used to. It fits on my iPad over my keys nicely and punches the buttons accurately with rarely any misses. The space bar does take a little getting use to since instead of having a long bar, there is just two regular sized buttons. I have to think for a minute before pressing the space bar.  I am getting faster at typing this as I continue writing though and getting use to typing on an iPad vs a traditional computer keyboard. I also love that my iPad spell check fills in some of the words for me as type, also making it faster and easier, which you don't get from a computer. I could see how this might entice me to use my iPad more for typing out blog posts in the future over my computer! 

I'm in love with this keyboard and how easy it makes typing on my iPad! While you may not want to write a novel this way, for short blog posts, emails, or journal entries, this keyboard is absolutely amazing! 

After playing around with my SleeKeys keyboard, I switched back over to my regular iPad keyboard to see if I noticed much of a difference:

Now im typing this switch out my sleektech keyboard. I am noticing write away that I'm getting many more errors this wAy when I try to go ss fast on this as my sleek tech SleeKeys keyboard.    

I left the errors here to show you the difference. I didn't have to edit much when using my SleeKeys keyboard. Its just like using a regular keyboard so if you do miss it's easy to fix and mindless to do it. When typing on my regular iPad keyboard, I found it much more frustrating. I couldn't type as fast and I got more errors, and they were more of a pain to go back and fix.

Aside from the keyboard, the case that comes with it is also very nice. I got a black one (you can get it in red or blue and the keyboard in black if you rather) and it is very sleek, modern, and professional-looking. The cover is a nice quality faux-leather and the inside is a soft felt, which will keep your iPad nice and protected when it is being stored away. It also comes with a magnetic clasp to keep it closed.

Overall, I am very impressed with this case and keyboard from SleeKeys and am now wondering how I've had an iPad for so long without having this keyboard! Typing is so much easier, as it feels so much more natural than the regular old keyboard that comes built into your iPad. I found I could type for longer and that it only took a few paragraphs or two before it started to feel completely natural, just like I was sitting at my laptop typing!

If you would like to learn more about SleeKeys Keyboard and case for iPad Air, or pick one up for youself, you can shop them HERE on Amazon!

Happy Typing!

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Good Luck lovelies! xo xo

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2015 New Year Celebration Giveaway

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Bringing Radiance and Youthfulness to Your Skin: New Radiance Naturals

I've written a lot about vitamin C serums lately, and that's simply because they work! Vitamin C serum is known for being a natural skin protectant, especially from the sun. (While it does help to prevent the sun's harmful rays from hurting the skin, please note that it is still important to wear sunscreen everyday!)

Vitamin C is a fabulous effective, and natural way to protect the skin. Not only will it help prevent more sun damage but it will also work to repair the sun damage that's already happened to skin. You know, those nasty sun spots? Vitamin C has been proven to lighten and fade the horrible things!

I've tried lots of Vitamin C Serums, but when I came across New Radiance Naturals I was beyond excited to try it out, because not only does it contain Vitamin C serum to fade those sun spots, but you will also find the highest form of Vitamin C available on the market in this serum, and also  Vitamin E as well as the highest form of pure botanical hyaluronic acid, Amino Complex, organic Aloe, and Ferulic Acid, to help you get younger-looking skin, faster!

These wonderful, natural, effective ingredients work together to deeply moisturize the skin, fade the dreaded sun spots, minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and will also give your skin a more radiant, youthful, healthy glow! The hyaluronic acid and aloe in this serum will also leave your skin feeling incredibly moisturized, soft and supple, while also adding firmness to the skin to make it appear more youth-like! 

This fabulous little natural, and organic serum, is also made right here in the USA and is FDA certified, so you know you're being gentle and safe to your skin too! 

If you're a big fan of the Dr Oz show, you will be thrilled hear that the famous TV doctor recently talked about the best alternatives to plastic surgery for getting more youthful skin. He stated that the #1 secret to drop 10 years off the look of your skin and face, is to use a topical Vitamin C Serum, and combining it with Vitamin E will also give you an amazing "Super Powerful Anti-Aging Punch!" Luckily you can find both ingredients in one serum, the New Radiance Naturals Professional Vitamin C 20% Serum! 

What you won't find in this effective, age-fighting serum is harmful and drying ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, alcohol, phthalates, or gluten! New Radiance Naturals is also 100% Cruelty-free! 

When I received my New Radiance Naturals Vitamin C serum, I couldn't wait to try it out. I was so excited to hear what an effective anti-aging solution combining vitamin C and E topically can be!

The serum goes along way! You can get a 1 oz bottle for only $19 on Amazon, and thanks to a little going a long way, this bottle will last you a very, very long time! You only need a drop or two. Pat it into the skin after cleansing and before your moisturizer.

I loved that my skin soaked this stuff up right away. I only needed about 2 drops for my face. I also applied it to the front of my neck as well. I have naturally dry skin and I found this serum to be incredibly moisturizing, but because my skin soaked it up quickly, I was left with no oily, greasy residue. It feels completely natural on the skin.

I used my New Radiance Naturals Vitamin C serum in the morning, to help protect my skin from the sun for the day as well as bringing my skin some amazing anti-aging benefits first thing in the day! (Like I said above, be sure to use your sunscreen as well though).

I have a few sun spots on my temples and a few lines around my eyes and mouth. I feel like using this  amazing serum over the last few weeks has really lightened up those nasty sun spots. They naturally fade this time of year, and I've been using some great products lately that have also helped to fade them as well, but I feel like my New Radiance Naturals Vitamin C serum fades them faster and more effectively! They are actually hardly noticeable at all now!

As for the lines and wrinkles, I feel like my crows feet have been softened a bit. What I have noticed most about using this effective, wonderful product, is that my skin feels so much more moisturized and really does look brighter. I feel like it has a pretty, natural, more youthful glow!

There are lots of effective, super expensive creams and serums on the market, but I love that New Radiance Naturals is natural, organic, cruelty-free, and made right here in the USA. I feel like I'm loving my skin by using safe, natural products. You can also get those amazing skin benefits at a fraction of the price! I also think Dr OZ is onto something by saying that vitamin C applied topically is the #1 secret for more youthful skin! I feel like over the last few weeks, my skin really does look and feel more youthful and healthy!

I can't wait to continue using this product to see what other wonderful anti-aging benefits it brings my skin! I love that this serum is lightweight and really packs some anti-aging punch while leaving my skin feeling light and soft!

If you would like to learn more about New Radiance Naturals, or pick some of their amazing Vitamin C serum up for yourself, you can find them here on amazon and find that more youthful glow and younger-looking skin today!

Happy Beautifying!

* I was given this product from New Radiance Naturals and for the purpose of review. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers, I feel will be beneficial or informative in some way.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Finally! A Rotating Curling Iron at an Amazing Price: Xtava Review

I'm a hair tool junkie, there's simply no better way to put it! When I see a new hair tool on the market, I'm always dying to get my hands on it and try it out immediately! 

I recently came across Xtava's rotating curling iron. While rotating curling irons are not new to the market, and have actually been out for a few years, finding one that works just as great and at a reasonable price, is new! (I've also only seen about 2-3 rotating curling irons on the market, all of which are super expensive!)

I love the Xtava brand because they make amazing high-quality professional hair tools that work just like your super expensive styling tools but at a fraction of the price! (See my review on their blowdryer here).

I've actually tried a much more expensive rotating curling iron in the past (see my YouTube Review here) so I knew what this curling iron would have to live up to!

Trusting that Xtava would pleasantly surprise me once again, as it did with the blowdryer I reviewed a few weeks back, I decided I was totally on board to give this fancy rotating curling iron a try and let you all know how it compared with a much more expensive rotating curling iron!

If you haven't used a rotating curling iron before, boy are you in for a treat! It does all the work for you! You just clamp the end of your hair in it, push the button to rotate up Right or Left (depending on if you want your curls curling outward or toward your face). Hold the button down until it gets to the roots, then hold for a few seconds and use the clamp to release your hair. Voila! Your hair has been curled for you!

What I loved immediately about this rotating curling iron from Xtava is that you can adjust the temperature.  I love this feature because I have super thick, wavy, long hair and I need a high heat to get curls that will last! You can choose a temperature from 210 degree F, all the way up to 430! I used about 390 for my hair and found it worked perfectly! Don't forget to use your thermal spray to protect your hair before use!

The iron also heats up within seconds, so I loved that it was ready to go after my makeup was done! The curling iron comes with a top-of-the-line ceramic tourmaline barrel, so not only will it give you a great curl that will hold, but will also leave your hair looking healthier and shinier after use!

The iron also comes with a long cord that doesn't tangle while curling. You will love this feature if you've ever used a regular curling iron because you know how they can get so tangled and you have a permanent curl of your curling iron cord after not too long either! 

The iron also rotates at the perfect speed. Not to fast that you get your hair tangled, or too slow that it doesn't really end up saving you any time. I found that it got my hair done faster than a regular curling iron and that I had absolutely no tangles either! It was super good to my hair and couldn't have been easier to use! This tool is great for women of all ages, even pre-teens! Thanks to its automatic shut off, you won't have to worry if you leave the house and you forgot to unplug and turn off your Xtava Rotating curling iron!

 I started out with my wavy natural hair (thanks to putting it in a bun wet, the night before and sleeping on it). I then held the iron on my left side, and used the RIGHT button to curl my hair up  and away from my face.

I continued throughout my hair until it was done (switching to the LEFT button on the right side of my hair). I like a more disheveled look so I left some of my natural wave in and didn't curl every piece of my hair. I also curled some looser and used portions with more hair or with less, to get a more natural curly look. I also switched up the Right and Left button both sides of my hair to get some curls curling towards my face and some outwards, on both sides. I find this also gives your curl a much more natural look.

After curling, you can also brush out your curls to get a pretty wavy, super soft look.

While using this rotating curling iron, I was extremely pleased with how well it would curl only by holding the iron in my hair for a few seconds. The curls also stayed in my hair really well, for days in fact! I also loved that there was no burning or sizzling of my hair while using this iron. It felt completely safe and left my hair looking healthier and shinier than before I started curling! 

See how I used my rotating curling Iron from Xtava Here:

You can see my end results (front and back) from the last two pictures in this collage. I love that I got some really pretty ringlets out of using this curling iron. In the back I brushed through the curls with my fingers and added shine spray to get a more natural, softer look.

I was beyond thrilled after finishing curling my hair and seeing the end results. The ease of this iron and how it leaves you hair healthy and shiny afterwards is absolutely comparable to the super expensive rotating curling irons on the market! You can pay about $200 for an expensive rotating curling iron or you an pay only $45 on Amazon for this Xtava Rotating curling iron that does every bit of a good job of curling as the super high-end expensive irons!

I'm completely impressed with this iron and have loved the super chic curls it gave me! I love that three days later my hair is still super curly too! All I had to do the last two mornings was apply shine spray and that was it! My hair was done!

If you would like to learn more about the Xtava brand, or shop some of their amazing hair-styling tools today, then be sure to check them out at They also have an amazing line of cosmetics too!

You can also pick up the rotating curling iron on Amazon here for only $45!

Happy Styling!

* I was given this product from Xtava and for the purpose of review. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers,  I feel will be beneficial of informative in some way.

Fatal Woman Faux Leather Cut Out Leggings Review + GIVEAWAY

Leggings are still going strong after several years now, maybe that's because they are so incredibly comfortable and warm in the winter, and not only that, but in the last year or so, all sorts of fun styles of leggings have been popping up! No more plain ol' black boring leggings!

Thanks to the new fun prints, styles, and textures, leggings can really spice up your look,  and who couldn't use a little of that, especially this time of year?! 

I know I keep updating more and more leggings to my closet each year, because it seems like each season there is some new unique legging I haven't seen on anyone else! I love to wear things people aren't already wearing a lot of, I guess you could say, I like to be a trend starter. So when I find a new trend, I usually jump right on it, hoping to be the first in my area to wear it!

Even if you're not into starting trends, leggings are so versatile and really everywhere now, that you can wear them and totally fit right in. However, if you are looking for something a little bit bolder, I have the perfect shopping site for you AND a fabulous GIVEAWAY!

Fatal Woman is a great place to shop for something extra spicy. They have such a fun take on traditional clothes, It's constantly got me checking the site to see what new fun items they have up for grabs this week! 

At you can find chic, saucy, lacey tops, fun printed swimwear, super tall, glamorous heels, sexy dresses, and a whole bunch of unique, fun leggings that are sure to stand out! (With Valentines Day coming up soon, don't forget you can shop Fatal Woman for super sexy lingerie too!) 

When given the option to try out some of Fatal Woman's gorgeous leggings, I decided to go with something I have never seen before, and something that could add something super sexy to my everyday casual, covered up, winter look! 

I found these fabulous wet look, cut out leggings (Only $29!). First off, leather is huge this season, but because I love animals, I try to find vegan or faux leather. The look of these "wet-style" leggings give the appearance of leather but are much more comfortable and of course, animal-friendly!

Secondly, I have never seen ripped up leggings before, but right now, ripped up 80's inspired jeans are having a huge moment, so why not cross that over to your leggings! I would have no idea how to go about ripping and shredding up leggings without completely ruining them, so I love that I can buy these leggings already pre-torn! 

When these chic leggings arrived, I absolutely loved them! You can wear these a number of different ways, they are so completely versatile. Since the wet-look style, and the ripped up holes both are over the top sexy, I decided to pair down my look with a casual tunic sweater. This makes the look totally appropriate for day or for a night out if you just switch up the flat riding boots to some chic heels! 

See how I styled my cut out leggings from Fatal Woman here:

These leggings are so much fun and although ripped and sleek, thanks to the faux leather look of them, are totally still super comfortable! I wore these around all day long, even lounging on the couch and found them to be just as comfortable and some of my other leggings, but they add so much more style to your look, especially if you're going casual like I did here with a tunic sweater!

I'm completely hooked on these leggings and love that they are so unique! I can't wait to shop the rest of the line at for new, fun, truly one-of-a-kind looks!

If you would like to pick up these cut out leggings for yourself or shop the site today for other fabulous fashion, then be sure to check out

Happy Shopping!

Also, right now the lovely ladies of Fatal Woman are letting me GIVEAWAY a pair of these chic faux leather cut-out leggings to one of my lucky readers! 

ENTER TO WIN some cute cut out leggings in the rafflecopter form below!

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Good Luck Lovelies! xo xo 

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** I was given these leggings for the purpose of review. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers, I feel will be beneficial or informative in some way.

Weekend Style: Casual Day and a Dressed Up Night

Hey Lovelies, hope you had a wonderful weekend! The sun came out and warmed up our chilly cold winter here in Wyoming quite nicely this weekend! So I celebrated by getting out and getting into a dress, which I will admit, doesn't often happen this time of year, especially with Sandals!

I shot some pics for what I wore Saturday and Saturday night. 

For my first look, I'm loving this green military-inspired coat from Romwe I've been wearing almost all winter (get a similar one here)! I paired it with a fun black and white look. I love this white sweater tunic and have actually had it for years. I just got these slouchy Rock and Republic slouchy faux suede scuba leggings. I decided to pop in some color with this pretty bright purple Proenza Schouler PS1 Shoulder Bag. 

For night, I got into this super chic Black Halo Dress. I've actually had this dress for about 5 years now, but the style is so classic, I find I can keep wearing it over and over! (Get a similar black and white one here.)

If you haven't invested in a Black Halo dress, they are totally worth every penny. You get an amazingly high quality dress that as I can tell you, will last you for many years to come!

What are you wearing this weekend? Do you rock the new trends for a night out or stick with a classic LBD? Let me know in the comments!

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Happy Shopping!