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You're going to LOVE these Sunnies + a GIVEAWAY: Freyrs

Who doesn't love a good pair of sunnies, but if you're anything like me, you need a drawer full of different sunglasses for different outfits! Not only that, but doesn't it seem like sunglasses trends change every 5 seconds, and who can afford to keep up with that!?

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Well, I have found a way to afford it, and I'm so excited to tell you about it! I kind of gave up on the cheap sunglasses in mall kiosks and they usually just don't quite hit the trend nail on the head, and usually look incredibly cheap, and ARE incredibly cheap, and usually break after you drop it once or bang your head on the top of the car when you have then sitting on top of your head! 

Well, I found a site that has the most amazing collection of sunglasses that are totally on trend, look just like what the most expensive counterparts look like, and are higher quality too!

Fryers offers such a great selection of sunglasses, trust me, you won't stop at just one pair! I didn't! I got 5, and for only $50 for all of it, well who can complain about that?!

When the glasses arrived, I was dying! They look so much like you just spend $300 on it but you can smile knowing you didn't. And if you happen to lose it on the boat out at the lake this summer (heaven knows I've lost too many this way) no big deal! You can easily replace them without breaking the bank! That's how wearing sunnies should be though right?! Ever tried shopping an outdoor mall with expensive frames you have to keep putting in the case every time you enter a new store?! Yeah, no thank you! I'll stick to an inexpensive pair I can just slide on top of my head until I head back outside again!

I'm absolutely loving my fabulous new sunglasses from Freyrs, and have been wearing them everywhere! They are a perfect fit, look great, and makes me feel so cool! 

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These sunnies are fabulous right?! I love that they bring instant style to each new outfit, but I can smile to myself knowing that I saved a bunch of money on them and am able to get a huge variety of different sunnies to go with different outfits instead of having to stick to just on pair because I don't have a whole paycheck to spend just on sunnies!

If you would like to learn more about Freyrs and shop their fabulous line of sunglasses, shop them today at Freyrs.com!

Right now, the lovely people of Freyrs are letting me GIVEAWAY 3 pairs of sunnies to 3 of my lucky, and super fabulous readers! 

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A Cute, Super Soft Printed Romper Perfect for Spring: VenJoin

Spring weather is Hopefully on it's way soon! With it comes fun, playful clothing, and for me, that means rompers! I get absolutely hooked on a good romper and you can find me in it all summer long! This season I'm looking for a bright pretty romper in a fun print!

Lucky for me, Venjoin was already all over that! They have a great selection of fabulous clothing (Incredibly SOFT clothing actually, as their fabric is made of the incredibly soft Rayon) perfect for warmer weather!

I found two super cute Venjoin rompers available for purchase on Amazon. I loved the fun red print of the Strapless Tube top Romper and couldn't wait to try it out!

When the romper arrived, I was immediately in love! I tried it on as soon as I got it. I was very happily impressed with it. I've found being tall and having a long torso, rompers can usually be ill-fitting on me. Especially when they are a tube top because I don't have the chest to hold it up. When I sit in them, they seem to slide right down me, so as you can imagine, I never wear tube top rompers. In fact, most Rompers I've worn in the past slide down or they ride up because they're not made to fit such a long body and stay snug on a smaller chest. So over the last few years I kind of given up on this style of romper.

When I saw this romper from Venjoin though, I could see with the loose drop waist that it would probably fit me great, and it certainly did! It is long enough I can wear it and sit in it and I don't have to worrry about it riding up or sliding down. The elastic at the top of the tube top is also perfect because its tight enough and wide enough that even though I have a smaller chest, it still stays in place and doesn't slide down.

I also thought once I put the romper on that the sides cut high was actually really unique and I really liked it. It does have a more youthful appearance so I'm sure it will be a big hit with the younger ladies too!

The only problem I ran into with this romper, was that thanks to my long tall body, the sides do come up a little too high on me, and if I'm not careful I can expose a little too much thigh, at least if I wear the waist of the romper at my waist. But If I wear it as a drop waist though, then it is just perfect! It gives me some extra length so I don't feel so exposed. Other than that, I think the romper is perfect and I absolutely adore the print and the style of the loose waist and I'm so glad there is plenty of fabric in the torso to allow for those with longer torsos to move around in it, and sit in it, and everything stays where it should!

See how I styled my cute printed tube top romper from Venjoin here:

Isn't this romper fabulous? I'm absolutely loving it!  It looks great with a denim jacket and wedges for cooler weather, and will be sure to be a stand out all on it's own when the weather warms up too! You will love how incredibly soft and comfortable this gorgeous romper is too, besides the fact that the style is so unique and fun and sure to make a statement this summer anyway!

If you would like to pick up this adorably chic romper from Venjoin for yourself, you can shop it HERE on Amazon for only $19!

Happy Shopping!

*I was given this product from Venjoin and Tomoson.com for the purpose of review. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews I feel will beneficial or informative in some way.

**Sunnies courtesy of Freyrs.com

Monday, March 2, 2015

GIVEAWAY: Win a Custom T-shirt of Choice!

Have you visited 65 MCMLXV yet? They have super cute custom clothing and more! I have a couple of their T-shirts and love them! They have lots of great contemporary fashion for both men and women. You can expect to find custom classic, casual and sportswear clothing at a great price!  Be sure to check out their site for Women's Statement T-ShirtsMen's Tops, and Men's Bottoms.

Right now, they are letting me GIVEAWAY one of their fabulous t-shirts of choice to one of my lucky readers! 

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Good Luck lovelies! xo xo 

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You CAN Smell Fresh at the Gym: Coovy Sports Women's Fitness Top Review

Anyone who works out regularly can tell you that what you're wearing is just about as important as what you're doing! Ever been in the wrong outfit and decided halfway through your work out you might die not just because you were working so hard, but because you're clothes were weighing you down and making you feel like you were drowning? I know I have!

Coovy Sports will assure that you won't feel that way during your workout any more! Their athletic clothing are made with fast drying, quick absorbing material, so you're sweat will be wicked away instantly and you will feel dry, fresh, and actually...kind of clean! Not only that, but the technology used in Coovy Athletic wear actually keeps you SMELLING fresh too! That's right, it has anti-odor technology to prevent the growth of those nasty odor-causing microbes, which are what makes YOU stinky! I'm sold on that feature alone, as I've been working out for years and never heard of fitness wear that actually keeps you from getting smelly, that is until now anyway! 

If you work out at the gym, you will really appreciate this, because who wants to be that person on the treadmill that you can SEE how hard they're working thanks to the super sweaty armpits and chest, oh and the uh...smell... coming from their direction! Yeah, no thank you! I prefer to look like I'm hardly even trying, well if you're looking at what I'm wearing anyway! Don't step too close to the punching bag because I promise you my right hook is meaner than it looks! 

If like me, you love to get outside as soon as it starts warming up (It is warming up, right?), you will also love that this super cute hot pink sleeveless fitness top (it also comes in black) has built in 40% UPF UV protection too, so you're skin will be protected from the skin while you get in that great sweat-inducing bike ride! Just don't forget the sunscreen for those bare arms! 

I work out regularly, usually from home, and you can bet I have an arsenal of workout clothing, being a fashionista of course. It's important to me to look good while working out, even if I'm not always going to the gym or for a run outside. Which is exactly why I really loved the Coovy Sports clothing for women when I came across their website. You will find fun bright colored tops, cute tights, sports bras, compression wear and more! The colorful sports bras are so cute I wish I had the guts to wear them alone with no top over, but I haven't done enough crunches for that yet! 

Besides the looks and the awesome fact that this athletic wear from Coovy will keep you dry and feeling fresh, it also feels amazing too! I personally love the unique tie up details on the side. I haven't seen this in a fitness top before and I absolutely love it. At first I thought it was just a cute detail, just for looks, but when I pulled up the strings on the side and tied them, I realized immediately just how genius it is! I have a pretty toned tummy but I still have a bit of a pooch. I often buy looser fitting tops because when I'm bent over doing those dead lifts, I don't want anyone seeing the pooch my belly has just created. This awesome Coovy Top fixes that problem! The cute little strings that tie up the side add some extra fabric to the belly (as you can see below) making it not so tight around your tummy and making about 90% of us feel more confident in our workout clothes! right?! Not only that, but it does play peek-a-boo in the back, and shows a little skin where more of us are a little more well-toned. You can always adjust the ties if you don't want to show any skin either of course! 

Well, besides the looks, it was time to put this top to the test. I went for a very quick bike ride here (it was freezing!) But I wore it for my weight lifting workout, as well as on my stationary bike, where I do get a super sweaty gross workout. The top kept me completely dry. I was amazed with how well it really did wick the sweat away, especially under the arms and my back, where I tend to sweat the most. The top is super comfortable too and moves amazingly well with you. Ever wear those fitness tops that really aren't meant to move with you, and you find you're self tugging at them? Well you won't have that problem with this top! It features a 4 way stretch, allowing you to stretch in every which direction, without having to feel like you need to tug and pull it down. You absolutely won't have to worry about it riding up over your belly. Frankly, I HATE athletic tops that do that, and there are a lot of them out there! You can also forget about the dreaded chaffing some fitness clothing gives you too! This chic, lightweight top from Coovy will absolutely cause you no chaffing of any kind! It didn't for me anyway! 

Isn't the top super cute? You're going to love the way it feels, moves with you, and how fresh and clean it really keeps you while working out too! Coovy Sports' amazing high performance workout clothing is absolutely a "Best Find" if you ask me! I can't wait to start adding more of their amazing fitness apparel to my workout wardrobe!

If you would like to learn more about the Fitness Fashion You see here, or pick some up for yourself, then be sure to visit CoovySports.com today and Start working out in more confidence today!

You can also find them on Amazon HERE.

Happy Fresh-Smelling and Feeling Workouts Ahead!

What is your biggest con with your current workout clothing? Let me know in the comments below! I love hearing your feedback! xo xo 

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* I was given this product from Coovy Sports and Tomoson.com for the purpose of review, however, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers,  I feel will be beneficial or informative in some way.

** Sunglasses courtesy of Freyrs.com 

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