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True&Co. Bra of the Year + 40% Off Select Styles

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The bra that Marilyn Monroe made famous is having its moment once again! The Balconette is True&Co.'s Bra of Year! And for good reason!

Truthfully, the balconette is almost too pretty to cover up with clothes, but c'est la vie, right? Whether you wear it under a casual t-shirt or under that sexy shift dress, this bra will make you feel glamorous and perfectly put together.

Don't forget! True&Co. is still offering you 40% off selected lingerie until 3/31.

Use code TOOMUCH40 to get 40% off select styles at checkout to get in on the savings!

Here are some of my Favorite Balconette Styles from True&Co:

Amourette Bra

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Deal of the Day: Get Mint and Peach Scarves, Shoes, Jewelry and more 50% OFF + FREE Shipping! Starting Friday!

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With Easter just around the corner and spring in the air and Cents of Style is celebrating the colors of the season this week for Fashion Friday, 3/27/15.

Mint and Peach accessories on sale for 50% off and FREE SHIPPING 
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    Fashion Friday- Mint & Peach Accessories- From Under $5 w/ Code MINT. 

All items will pretty much be under $20 shipped and there will be items under $5 shipped. Here are a few items you don't want to miss:

Beth- Secret Garden Scarf- $5.97& FREE SHIPPING. This scarf is perfect for Spring. Light knit, Spring pattern, great price!

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Moisturizer Your Skin Will Thank You For: Aquallure Video Review + GIVEAWAY

Hey lovelies, I recently got to try a fabulous Antioxidant Rescue Facial Moisturizing Cream from Aquallure! I'm completely obsessing over this amazing cream that has been clinically tested and proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, smooth, soften, moisturize, and repair skin, as well as diminish and fade those nasty sun spots.

Check out my Video Review here to see my thoughts on this amazing advanced peptide formulated cream that I know you will love to!  

Aquallure has been proven effective. In fact in a recent clinical trial, 60% noticed a decrease in fine lines and wrinkles after using Aquallure for a period of 4 weeks! It has been shown to improve skin moisture by 500% in just 1 week! After only 15 minutes, skin moisture is improved by 442% when using the Aquallure Antioxidant Rescue Cream.

The stats are astounding but this is a product you really need to try for yourself to see! Aquallure not only gives you a more youthful appearance by fading sun spots, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, and significantly improving the moisture of the skin, but it also firms skin, even with just one use! It helps repair skin and PREVENTS future lines and wrinkles from forming to! Skin becomes more resilient and elasticity is improved when using Aquallure Antioxidant cream regularly!  It also acts as a natural filler which will give you results you can only find by using injections extensively!

Interested in learning more about Aquallure or purchasing some for yourself? Get that younger skin back today and check them out at!

Happy Beautifying!

Also, the lovely people of Aquallure are letting me GIVEAWAY one of their fabulous Antioxidant Rescue Creams to one of my lovely readers!

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Deal of the Day: Get a Chic Pencil Skirt for only $14 + FREE Shipping!

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TODAY ONLY, get a chic Pencil Skirt in 2 different styles. Solid colored stretch midi length pencil skirt with darling texture & our beautiful sequined skirt in 3 patterns. 

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Easter Jewelry Finds and a Fab Sale!

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What can make Easter more fun than family, Easter egg hunts, and chocolate bunnies? How about enjoying all the festivities with a gorgeous new necklace or bracelet from Stella & Dot? 

Delight in your very own "jewelry sale hunt" and bunny hop over to Stella & Dot because from now through 3/25 8:59 p.m. PT, you can discover some egg-celent finds that are up to 50% off! Hop to it, though. Time is running out!

Hunt for some of these lovely treasures! 


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Fabulous Natural Bath and Hair Products You Will Love: Isabella's Clearly Hair and Body Product Review + GIVEAWAY!

Who doesn't love some pampering products?! Especially when you can find some really amazing products that not only look and feel great, but work too!

 I recently found Isabella's Clearly and I'm completely obsessed with this fabulously chic line of bath,  hair, and skincare products!

Isabella's Clearly uses natural, safe, and effective products to help you look and feel your very best, both in and out of the tub! They have some wonderful relaxing bath products to choose from, such as the LUXE soothing and relaxing bath salts, made with lovely, and rejuvenating scented essential oils, as well as the CALM Soft Skin Calming Scrub that will make you feel smooth and silky all over!

Isabella's Clearly uses the ancient practice of using essential oils to create products that clean and soften hair, as well as inspire natural growth in hair too. These oils are also relaxing and calming and make a great product for the bath as well. What I was surprised to learn about when reading Isabella's story, is that oils can protect the skin from the sun too. (I've always wondered how women from centuries ago kept the sun burns away, besides covering up their head with head wraps of course!)

Isabella's Clearly is a family owned and run business that uses only natural ingredients to help give you what mother nature intended you to have...  healthy, well moisturized skin and hair, without the use of all the harsh chemicals and products you find so commonly used in the beauty market today.

I was super excited to give some of these lovely products a try! I'm all about using natural products lately and have dabbled a bit in essential oils over the years, so I was thrilled to see just what these products could do for my skin and body.

Along with some lovely bath salts and scrubs, I got to try out a wide range of the Isabella's Cleary hair care line, including TAME for effortlessly frizz-less hair, FREE for a healthy scalp, and LONG which is a product used to naturally stimulate hair growth.

I have been using these hair products this last week and am absolutely in love! (Because they are made with essential oils, a little can go a long way, so be sure to only use a drop or two so that you don't way down your hair.) I was most excited to try TAME as I tend to have super dry frizzy hair, especially this time of year. I also love a good hair growth treatment (especially in a natural way) so I couldn't have been happier to try LONG as well. I actually have never tried a scalp treatment so I was completely on board with trying out FREE too.

What I found with using these amazing hair products is that they really moisturized my dry scalp and hair intensely! In fact, I was noticing before my first use how dry my hair has been looking lately, especially around the ends, and my split ends have also been out of control. After I washed my hair in the shower and then applied the scalp treatment and no-frizz treatment, I was amazed with how moisturized my hair felt. Especially how much healthier and shinier it looked after drying! My hair felt incredibly soft to the touch and the split ends were so much less noticeable! I also experienced no frizzy hair while using TAME as well! My hair has felt so luxurious and smooth and the scent that is left on my hair after using these wonderful products is absolutely delightful! I don't think my hair has ever smelt better!

I also tend to suffer from a dry flaky scalp, since my hair and skin are already so dry. I never thought to use a scalp moisturizing treatment before and you can bet I avoid the anti-dandruff shampoos like the plague simply because I'm too embarrassed to admit I have dandruff. This scalp treatment completely eliminates that problem. I have had no sign of dandruff since using and my scalp looks and feels so much healthier, as does my hair! I swear this treatment scalp treatment is making my hair look and feel more lustrous too!

Next up, I got to try out the lovely LUXE bath salts and CALM scrub. I filled up the tub and had a nice relaxing soak this last Sunday. I added the lovely bath salts, sat back, and enjoyed my lovely scented, relaxing bath.

These salts not only help you relax, thanks to the lovely scent, but it also nourishes, moisturizes, and smooths your skin too! I absolutely love this as you can imagine, since as I said before, I suffer from dry skin all over my body! What you may be surprised to learn is that Isabella's Clearly LUXE salts also contain a wide range of mineral nutrients that soothe achy and soar muscles. I actually got some pretty intense workouts in this week and was suffering from some extremely sore shoulders and thighs when I got into the tub with my LUXE salts. I found the bath completely invigorating and my muscles felt so much more relaxed and not as tight as before my bath!

I then finished up my relaxing bath by using the CALM soft skin calming scrub. I loved using this  scrub that also has a very pleasant scent. The scrub smoothes softly across the skin, removing those old dead skin cells, and leaving you with soft, supple, more youthful-looking skin. I found the scrub to be incredibly relaxing. I really enjoyed smoothing it across my arms and legs. It smooths nicely across the skin and rinses off easily, but right away you notice a nice glow to the skin. The oils from the scrub leave your skin feeling so silky smooth and soft, and very well moisturized! When I got out of the bath I debated wether or not to even use lotion, my CALM scrub left my skin feeling so soft and moisturized all on its own!

I'm completely head over heels for this luxurious natural brand of bath, body, and hair products from Isabella's Clearly. I love how moisturizing and invigorating the essential oils are, not to mention how super soft and moisturized these products leave my skin and hair after use. My skin feels so soft and has such a nice glow, and I'm having so many good hair days thanks to my frizz-free hair and my super moisturized scalp!

I know you will love this fabulous line of skin and hair products too, so be sure to check out Isabella's Clearly today at! You can also purchase their amazing line of products HERE on Amazon!

Also, the lovely family of Isabella's Clearly is letting me GIVEAWAY this body and hair care package to one of my lucky readers (a $100 Value!)

ENTER TO WIN Bath and Hair Products from Isabella's Clearly in the rafflecopter form below!

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Monday, March 23, 2015

A Skincare Line Unlike any Other: L'BRI Aloe Skincare Review + GIVEAWAY

Being a beauty blogger, you can bet I'm obsessed with finding fabulous skincare products that will give my skin the most Oomph and bang for the buck! With so many products on the market today, it can be extremely overwhelming to find just that! A lot of products out there claim to get you some amazing results, but when it comes down to it, you really just have to try it out for yourself and see! 

I actually got to try out a sample pack from L'BRI Skincare a few years back. (You can see my review HERE) and I was extremely impressed with the quality of this skincare brand! (You can also request a FREE Sample Pack here. Please note a small fee for shipping is required). 

So what exactly separates L'BRI from the competition and all of those other products on the market with their claims to help you achieve better, more youthful skin?! L'BRI innovatively uses Aloe as their main ingredient! I had never heard of this before trying L'BRI, but as anyone knows, Aloe is an amazing product for skin! Not only does it soothe burns, but it is great for reducing itchy, inflamed, red skin, and you can even use it for frostbite and cold sores too! Aloe is also great at helping wounds heel faster! As you can imagine from hearing that, using a skincare brand that primarly uses Aloe, is going to help you even out your skin tone, reduce inflammation, soothe skin, and help those acne scars heal faster!

Aloe is incredibly healing and rejuvenating, and that's what you can expect from the L'BRI Skincare line too! 

Along with Aloe, you can also find other natural and effective skincare ingredients in L'BRI, such as vitamins, peptides (for restoring youthfulness to the skin) herbs, sea plants, ginseng, Japanese green tea, passion flower, botanicals and much more! 

What you won't find in L'BRI? No petrolatum or waxes that have been known to clog pores. No artificial dyes, fragrances, glycols, drying alcohols or harsh ingredients, or mineral oil, that can attract dirt to the skin and cause unwanted acne! 

Instead L'BRI uses a formulated pH-balance of effective, natural ingredients that compliment one another and gives you smoother, softer, younger, more vibrant, healthier looking skin! 

L'Bri also offers a great selection of products to fit every skincare need! I have dry skin and I got to try out a wide range of products from L'BRI formulated to bring moisture back into the skin, smooth it out, and leave my dull skin with a nice glow instead! 

I was thrilled when these products showed up at my door. From trying a few of their products in the past, I knew I could expect fabulous results. And upon first use of my new line formulated for dry skin, I was immediately once again in love!

I started off my skincare routine that night with the Deep Pore Cleanser. I love a good moisturizing cleanser but that can often be hard to find. What I loved about the L'BRI Deep Pore cleanser right away, is that you notice the soft, smooth, aloe gel. It feels rich, and creamy on the skin. I love a cleanser that feels this way. I know it's going to leave my skin feeling extremely moisturized and it does! It takes a minute to rinse as the cleanser is a gel, but I loved that once removed, my skin immediately felt more noticeable smoother, softer and much, much more hydrated! No tight and dry skin for me. I could take my time completing my skincare routine without worrying about my face going super tight on me after cleansing (Anyone who has dry skin knows exactly what I'm talking about here. You rush to the moisturizer so you don't have to feel the super tight, dryness of the skin!)

After cleansing,  I moved onto exfoliating by using L'BRI's fabulous Rejuvenating Enzyme Peel.(Enter to win this Amazing Peel at the bottom of this post!)

The Peel smells and feels amazing! When you open it up you notice that it looks and smells like orange! I found it incredibly invigorating, especially as I started applying it to my skin. The peel only takes a few minutes to use. You just apply a thin layer to your skin, leave on for a minute, and then use your fingertips to circle around the skin. You will feel and SEE the dead skin cells come up as you do this! It FEELS really good too! I found it very relaxing and rejuvenating! 

Once you stop noticing the peeling of the dead skin coming up, you just rinse off! You can use the peel 2 times a week for max benefits! I loved using this peel so much! It feels incredibly amazing and like you're at the spa getting a fabulous skincare treatment! Once it's removed, you notice brighter, smoother, softer, glowy skin right away! I loved how my skin looked and felt immediately after using this fantastic peel!

After exfoliating with my peel, I used the Deep Pore Freshener toner. I normally hate toners, because they generally contain alcohol and just dry out my skin even more! As you know from above, the L'BRI line doesn't contain alcohol and you won't find that in their toner either! The toner feels refreshing on the skin and left my skin feeling moisturized, clean, and soft. Not tight and dry like most toners leave it feeling!

After toning, I used the lovely Smooth n Firm Eye Repair Gel. When you open it up, it looks like aloe gel. When you apply it to your eyes it feels cooling and soothing instantly. I really loved using this eye gel for this reason. A little goes a long away with this rich gel, so you only need a little bit! I noticed after continued use of this wonderful eye gel, that the dark circles were not as noticeable. My eyes also looked much more awake, smoother, and brighter too! I loved the fresh, lovely glow this eye gel gave my eyes! This eye gel restores elasticity to the skin, diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and reduces eye puffiness as well too!

I then finished off my skincare routine with the Gentle Moisture lotion, which is a lovely rich and creamy lotion perfect for normal to dry skin. My skin felt amazing after using this cream, and I noticed immediately how much softer and more supple my skin looked and felt after use! 

The thing about using L'BRI products, is that you notice the difference immediately. Obviously it's going to take some time to see the fine lines and sun spots soften, lighten up, and diminish (and you will!), but what you notice instantly, is how amazing your skin feels after the first use. Most products might feel moisturizing, but the real difference I noticed with L'BRI is how soothing, gentle, and refreshing it feels on your skin right away! If you ask me, L'BRI got it right by using aloe as the main ingredient. It truly sets this line of skincare apart from the rest not just because of the wonderful heeling and soothing properties you get from using Aloe, but for the difference your skin really feels immediately when using this line of products, especially compared to others.

I find this line of products completely invigorating and rejuvenating on the skin. It feels so refreshing to use especially first thing in the morning when you kind of need that soothing wake up anyway. It really wakes up the tired skin and leaves you looking and feeling like you just left an expensive spa.

These wonderfully effective products are not only going to give you younger looking and feeling skin over time, but the use of these products really feel like you're giving your face a luxurious spa treatment with every single use. I think that on it's own makes all the difference in a fabulous skincare line. You're happier using it on a day-to-day basis because it feels so good and leaves your skin feeling so fresh, instead of just waiting around for a month or two to see the results like you do with using other products. Other products usually just feel mediocre on the skin when using daily. L'BRI feels anything but! You will love the sensational skin it leaves you with and you will love the sensations you feel just by using it!

If you would like to learn more about the L'BRI skincare line, and check out some of their fabulous body products and cosmetics too, check them out today at L'

Happy Beautifying!

Also be sure to Like L'BRI on Facebook, Follow on Instagram, Pinterest,  and Twitter, to stay up to date on this amazing line of skincare products!

Also, the lovely ladies of L'BRI are letting me giveaway one of their amazing products to one of my fabulous readers! 

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