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Tinseled Token Floating Glass Locket Charm Necklace Review + GIVEAWAY

I've only recently jumped on the charm jewelry bandwagon. I'm not really sure why it's taken me so long, as charm jewelry has been around forever, and is always a classic.

I tried a charm bracelet once but didn't like that I had to keep buying expensive charms, so actually my bracelet got about as far as 2 charms. I'm dead serious. And now I couldn't even tell you wear that bracelet is!

I recently came across Tinseled Tokens Floating Glass locket necklace, perfect for charms, and was instantly intrigued. While the charms do not come with the necklace, I found that thanks to charms not having to hang on a bracelet, you can actually pick up additional charms for your lovely necklace for dirt cheap! In fact, I found 10 cute personalized charms on amazon for only $10 total!

As you can see, this is a great necklace to really show off your style and personality while not breaking the bank! This lovely floating glass locket necklace from Tinseled Tokens will only cost you $10 on Amazon right now! So you can get the necklace and 10 charms for only $20 total! Now that is charm jewelry I can finally get on board with!

I got the chance to take the beautiful necklace for a spin. I'll tell you what, for as inexpensive as it is, I was completely impressed with the quality of this necklace! It is amazingly high quality, even the beautiful 18 inch snake chain it comes on. It is a heavier necklace then you expect when you hold it in your hand, but only because of the quality of the materials used. Don't get me wrong, this isn't going to way you down! If you've ever held cheap jewelry up to expensive jewelry, you can feel the difference! This necklace feels like a much more expensive piece of jewelry.

The locket is super easy to use. Its held by lots of little strong magnets, so you won't lose your charms, but it's easy to open too. I hate those old school locket necklaces from back in the day, where you were guaranteed to break a nail every time you tried to open the darn thing! Well this will not happen to you with the Tinseled Token Floating Glass locket. It comes right open when you need it, but won't open on its own!

After I finally got my charms in the necklace and wore it around for a few days, I FINALLY get what the big deal with charm jewelry is. It's a fabulous and fun way to express your personality through the charms you wear in it! I picked some fun fashion and beauty charms of course, like a handbag, high heel, and lipstick, but also some fun charms like a camera, guitar, and anchor for my love of boating. You can switch charms in and out so easily with this necklace, you can constantly change the look up of your necklace, and update charms to your personality as you gather new hobbies, etc.

Here are some pictures of my Tinseled Token Floating Glass locket holding some of my favorite charms, as well as some fun prints on paper, showing how if you're not into charms, you can always switch up the look of this necklace by adding fun colorful printed paper to it. As you can see here, this necklace can be completely versatile and changing to fit your every look! You will never look like you're wearing the same necklace twice!

How fun is this necklace? I'm absolutely crushing on mine and you can bet I haven't taken it off since I got it! I love how it shows my personality in such a fun, playful, and yet classy way!

Oh and by the way, does a fabulous woman in your life have a birthday soon? This would make an AMAZING gift for any women or girl of any age!

If you would like to shop the lovely locket necklace for yourself, you can shop it here on Amazon on SALE for only $10 right now! Use the Code: TTLOCKET at checkout on Amazon, and save AN ADDITIONAL 25% Off the Already incredibly inexpensive sale price! (Code good from now until Sept 25th!)

Also, here is your chance to WIN THIS LOVELY FLOATING LOCKET CHARM NECKLACE for yourself! (Please note necklace does not include charms)

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My Funny Things, by Hande Etsy Shop: Earrings Review + GIVEAWAY

I love unique fashion, especially when it comes to my jewelry. When I found the Hande Made It's store on Etsy, I was instantly in love! She has some of the most gorgeous, playful jewelry I've seen! I fell in love with her fabulous wrap bracelets, beautiful statement necklaces, and chic rings and earrings! Her pieces are truly one of a kind and sure to stand out, while showing off your playful, super cute style!  

Hande recently started a new shop on Etsy called My Funny Things, where you can find some adorable, super playful earrings and more!

I picked out these beautiful fish tassel charm earrings and super cute black cat earrings (only $12 each!). I wore the fish tassel earrings to breakfast last weekend, and the waitress immediately started gushing over my earrings. "Those earrings are so adorable! Where did you get them?!" Then we struck up a wonderful conversation about the fashion we love! I love that these earrings helped bring me and another fellow fashion lover together! 

I also have been wearing these black cat earrings everywhere! They would be the perfect earring for Halloween, but since I'm just a big fan of cats, and animals in general, I wear them around everywhere! They are so fun, and I love that I can show my love for animals and fashion by wearing these little guys around!

Although these earrings are only $12 each, you will be amazed at the quality of them. They are created exceptionally, and with high quality materials. I also tend to have sensitive ears and I often get red, swollen ears from wearing earrings, but not with these babies! I wore my black cat earrings for about 4 days in a row and my ears handled them just fine! No redness or swelling whatsoever when wearing my earrings from the My Funny Things Etsy store!

Check out my earrings here:

Great earrings right? Well now is your chance to WIN $25 to The My Funny Things Etsy Store, by Hande!

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Top 6 Websites to Find the Ultimate Father’s Day Gift This Year

With Father’s Day just around the corner, many of us are racking our brains for the ultimate gift. It has to be something good, something meaningful – after all, this is the guy who took you to your first sports game, taught you how to ride a bike or drive a car, and has had your back from the day you were born.
Giving your dad a boring tie though isn’t going to cut it this year. Instead, you want to find something he’ll absolutely dig. But where do you start? How do you find exactly what you want when you don’t know what you want? From the indoor couch surfer to the gadget tech lover, we’ve compiled a list of the top websites to help you find the ultimate gift for your dad.

1. The Gadget Flow

A one-stop shop for gizmos, The Gadget Flow features a range of products compiled from different websites. The site is easy to use with gadgets organised by hot collections, staff picks, gift ideas and useful products designed by gadget lovers - for the gadget lovers.

The website makes gadget hunting fun and easy by bringing in an online store of carefully handpicked products. The Gadget Flow is constantly updated with the latest cutting-edge gizmos and makes it super easy to find the perfect gift for dad.   

2. Skeeters Online Warehouse

Skeeters Online Warehouse will keep you entertained with the highest quality products and cool gift ideas. Targeted to suit almost every style, the site includes categories such as marine, home theatre, mobile accessories, gadgets and gizmos, car audio and hot items, just to name a few.
The home page promotes the newly added products and the hottest items at the moment. If you’re searching for something in particular, the site includes a search bar at the top that’s easy to use. For those that are simply looking for inspiration and the ultimate Father’s Day gift to stand out, you’ll find it by browsing through the online store and different categories.

3. Firebox

With an almost Pinterest-like style to it, Firebox is an online electronics store specialising in fun tech-toys. Based in the UK, they ship products worldwide for a small fee and easily sorts gizmos into personality types, top 50, new stuff and a specialised gift finder. Product boxes are all marked with “new” or a number that indicates popularity (no#1 indicates the most popular products).
If the categories don’t stimulate an idea for dad this year, then the gift finder makes it super easy to narrow the options down. Sort by price range and your dad’s personality type (enjoys a brew, animal lover, outdoorsy and more) to help generate some gift ideas.

4. This is Why I’m Broke

This is Why I’m Broke needs to come with a warning - upon entering you will almost definitely end up buying something (whether it’s for you or your dad.) The site is addictive and can be easily distracting so make sure you remind yourself why your there!
Listed as one of the top 50 websites for 2014, This is Why I’m Broke is very true to its name. With products ranging in price from $10 to $65,000, the site lures you in with the newest toys first and then sorts the rest into easy to find categories.
Although some of the products are quite extreme, the surpassingly excellent site definitely offers something unique for everyone. Once you’ve found the ultimate gift to purchase for your dad (or you, if you got distracted) the site directs you to an external site where you continue the purchase. This tends to be either Amazon or the company selling the product itself. It’s a website with gadgets you just got to buy and others that simply leave you wondering

5. Gadget Guy

Whilst it’s not as visually appealing as the other sites on this list, Gadget Guy offers all the latest gizmos for your gadget loving dad. The products are sorted into categories including home appliances, smart watches, digital cameras and coffee machines. It also includes product reviews and the latest online news relating to any of the tech-toys and gizmos.
The site can be a little jam packed with information but is good for when you want to read up on the product too. The search bar makes it easy to find gift ideas you have already thought of, or check out the ‘budget gadgets’ section for some good deals and further reviews. If you’re looking for further information on the side of buying dad’s Father’s Day present, the site also offers a “how do I” guide to spark further interest and ideas.

6. Dude, I Want That

Dude I Want That is an online store offering those one-of-the-kind products that have been hand-picked by an actual person. Sorted into gift guides that feature gifts for men, gifts for women, gifts for the musician, gifts for the pet lover, and gifts for athletes and of course – gifts for dad. The site also categorises products by location and popular tags.
Similar to This is Why I’m Broke, the site can feature products that are so unique and out-there they’re borderline extreme. All the same though, it definitely generates a few awesome and original ideas for dad this Father’s Day. Whilst it doesn’t sell any of the products itself (it’ll direct you to the purchase site) the website lives up to its name of “geeks gift guide of gadgets, gear and novelties”

Author Bio

This article is written by Jayde Ferguson, who writes for Skeeters Online – Australia’s online warehouse. Skeeters Online is a source of inspiration for this year’s Father’s Day present with the highest quality products offered. You can catch Jayde on Google+.